Account Devices and Billing

You can log in to the same backup account from multiple devices. eazyBackup automatically bills for each device used if a protected item has been created on the device.

Plans typically start with one device and can be modified from the service management page to support additional devices.

Each device has it's own Protected Items (backup jobs), and typically share a single Storage Vault. This means that devices can restore each others' data.

When a device is revoked, data from that specific device will be purged from the storage vault according to the retention policy on the vault. This is separate from the retention policy on the protected items. When a device is revoked, the protected items from that device are also removed. The data that belonged to those protected items will remain in the vault until the vault's retention policy has expired (default is 30 days).

A device has a "friendly name" that is set  when it is first registered. The "friendly name" defaults to the hostname of the PC. Devices can be renamed in the dashboard if needed.

To adjust your billing, devices must first be revoked from within the client area. After revoking a device, you can modify the backup plan from the service management page.