Add a new Storage Vault

To add a new Storage Vault, click on the "Account" tab and then click on the "+ Add Storage Vaults" button.

For more information about configuring a Storage Vault, see the "Storage Vaults" article. No changes are applied until the "Save" button is pressed.

Edit an existing Storage Vault

To edit an existing Storage Vault, right-click the row and choose "Edit" from the context menu.

Operations on Storage Vaults

Further operations are available under the "Advanced" sub-menu when you right-click a Storage Vault.

Run retention pass now

eazyBackup will automatically perform a retention pass after each backup job. You can immediately run a retention pass by choosing the "Run retention pass now" menu item.

Rebuild indexes

This is a technical feature to repair a specific type of potential issue. It is safe to use at any time, but should generally only be used if your support agent recommends it.