Cannot proceed – another task needs to finish using the Storage Vault first.

Backup jobs may have the following error:

Error "Cannot proceed - Locked by device 'XXXXXXXX'..."

While the vault is locked, other devices cannot start writing to the vault. This lock ensures that data which is in the process of being added, but not yet fully-referenced in the index, is not deleted. As long as the Storage Vault is not under continuous use with over-lapping backup jobs, one backup job will eventually 'finish last', and will run the retention pass.

If the device goes offline during this final phase (power-cut, sudden sleep mode, network connection lost, etc), then the final phase may not be completed. The 'lock' will stay in place, and the vault will remain in a not-writeable state.


    1. To clear the lock on the storage vault so new backup jobs can proceed, Run a retention pass on the storage vault. From the Settings menu, Right click on the storage vault in use Settings -> Storage Vault -> Advanced -> Apply retention rules now
      backup retention pass
    2. If you use eazyBackup with the same login on multiple devices, change the schedule on each device to be at least one hour apart
  • Alternatively you can request a new bucket on each device.
      • Select on the 'Account' tab -> +Add Storage Vault -> Select eazyBackup, click OK
        Add new storage vault


      • You can rename the new vault, right click on the vault, select Edit
        Edit storage vault name


      • The bucket ID is shown on the Storage tab, this is for reference only
        eazyBackup bucket ID


    • Change your backup schedule to use the new Vault
        • ->Backup ->Select your protected item -> Edit -> Schedule tab -> Double click to edit schedule
        • In the 'Storage Vault' menu select the new Vault you just created, click save.