Don't Lose a Byte: Canadian Cloud Backup You Can Count On

Protect your files from data loss and ransomware with enterprise-grade, automated cloud backups designed for files, folders, databases, virtual machines, and Microsoft 365. Certified under the Controlled Goods Program and compliant with PIPEDA and HIPAA, providing trusted security and compliance for all of your critical data.

Cloud Backup

Automatic Backups

Effortless peace of mind with automated cloud backup. Start on-demand or configure automatic backups using the built-in scheduler.


Complete Data Protection

Safeguard data from workstations, servers, virtual machines, network drives, and Microsoft 365.


Advanced Encryption

Experience top-tier security with 2FA and AES-256-CTR & Poly1305 encryption. Learn more

What’s Protected by eazyBackup?



Back up files and folders with no limitations on file size or type.


NAS & Network

Protect files and folders from your network drives and NAS.


Virtual Machines

Back up Hyper-V and VMware guest VMs with zero downtime.



Create a hot backup of your databases, including MS SQL, Oracle MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona Servers.


Microsoft 365

Cloud to cloud backup managed from our control panel, no software to install. Protect data stored in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Exchange, and Teams.



Disk Image Backups

Easily back up and restore an image of your entire disk or individual partitions. Supports bare-metal system recovery.


Why Choose eazyBackup?

In today's IT landscape, data loss and corruption are common issues that can significantly impact businesses. Data stored on workstations and servers is a prime target for cyberattacks, and research indicates that the frequency, complexity, and costs of these attacks are only set to increase.


Founded in 2018, eazyBackup is a Canadian business dedicated to safeguarding your data. Our Canadian cloud storage is certified by the Controlled Goods Program, ensuring the highest standards of data security and compliance.


Our Workstation, Server, and MS 365 protection plans ensure that your data is securely backed up and easily recoverable, providing you with peace of mind and protecting your business from potential data loss. Your data is encrypted, protected with two-factor authentication (2FA), and safe from cyber threats.


With eazyBackup, your data is not only secure but also readily available whenever you need it.

eazyBackup CGP Compliant

CGP Accredited Data Security

Our CGP accreditation marks eazyBackup as a trusted leader in secure cloud storage, fully compliant with the highest standards required for handling sensitive technical data with military or national security significance. We are committed to maintaining strict security protocols to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your critical data.

View our Certificate


eazyBackup Compliance

Canadian cloud storage powered by eazyBackup, deployed in
tier III data centres that are certified for SOC 2.


  • Full end-to-end encryption, files are always encrypted before sending or storing using strong AES-256bit encryption.
  • Immutable backups with Object Lock and Versioning capabilities provide extra layers of defense, ensuring your data remains secure and recoverable even in the face of cyber attacks.
  • Two-Factor Authentication available to protect your backups from unauthorized access.
  • A customer controlled encryption key means you are the only party with access to your data, ensuring total privacy.

PIPEDA and HIPAA Compliant Data Protection

eazyBackup stores and maintains electronic health records in compliance with both PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). eazyBackup adheres to security best practices and technologies to ensure the physical security of its facilities and to maintain the privacy and integrity of electronic data and digital records. By meeting these stringent regulatory requirements, we ensure that personal information is protected against unauthorized access, breaches, and other security threats.


Benefits of Our Cloud Backup Solution

Canadian Technical Support

Experience top-tier technical support from our highly experienced Canadian team. With fast response times and expert assistance, our team ensures your issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our dedicated account representatives provide personalized, phone-based customer service to ensure all your needs are met. Enjoy direct, reliable support from a Canadian team committed to helping you get the most out of eazyBackup.

Ransomware Protection

We offer robust security features, including Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and an automatic application lock to prevent tampering. Additionally, our advanced Object Lock and Versioning capabilities provide extra layers of defense, ensuring your data remains secure and recoverable even in the face of cyber attacks.

Strong Automatic Encryption

eazyBackup always encrypts user data before storing or transmitting it, using strong AES-256-CTR with Poly1305 in AEAD mode with high-entropy random keys. Encryption is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Remote Backup Management

Our intuitive dashboard provides comprehensive remote management capabilities, empowering you to take full control of your backup operations from any location.

Real-Time Status Monitoring

Work from a single pane of glass to monitor the live status of all your backups at a glance. View real-time backup activity, access the backup job history for the previous 24 months, and review usage statistics easily.

Multi-Layered Security and Data Storage Compliance

Certified under the Controlled Goods Program and compliant with PIPEDA and HIPAA regulations, eazyBackup ensures your data is stored securely and meets the highest standards of data protection. Our advanced features include Object Lock, Versioning, and Unlimited Retention provides robust data security and flexibility. Our software uses strong AES-256-CTR encryption with Poly1305 in AEAD mode, ensuring all user data is encrypted before storage or transmission.


Data is at the Heart of Your Business, Let's Keep it Safe


Truly Canadian Cloud Storage

All data is stored within Canada, providing peace of mind for clients who need to comply with Canadian data sovereignty laws.


PHI Compliant Backup

Protect your PHI data with eazyBackup. Our online backup service is compliant with PIPEDA, PHI, and E-Health - we have you covered.


S3 Object Lock for Secure Storage

S3 Object Lock is the industry standard for object storage immutability for ransomware protection. Protect your data from being deleted, modified or overwritten. Many businesses rely on S3 Object Lock and WORM when they need to ensure compliance or to maintain unchangeable, permanent copies of data for auditing or recordkeeping.


Ransomware Protection

Add additional security layers, and protect your account and backup with 2FA protection. Keep your backups secure and prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Key Features of our Cloud Backup Service


Files and Folders

Choose the files / folders you want to protect with no limitations on file size or type. Create custom schedules, manage data retention, and remotely manage your backups and recovery from our control panel.


Disk Image Backups

Perform complete backups of entire disks or individual partitions, enabling bare-metal system recovery. Multiple restore options including virual disk image and bootable USB, ensuring a quick and efficient restoration. Learn more.


Hyper-V Virtual Machines

Back up Hyper-V Guest VMs with zero downtime. Supports Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to perform efficient backups by only reading blocks of a virtual disk that have changed since the last backup job.


VMware Virtual Machines

Safeguard your VMware vSphere environments with fast, secure, and easy-to-restore backups, supporting both free and paid ESXi licenses. Featuring Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for significantly improved performance and efficiency. Back up directly from vCenter or ESXi, and enjoy support for in-VM quiescence on supported guest operating systems, ensuring data consistency.


Microsoft 365 Backup

Protect your critical data with a enterprise-grade automated cloud to cloud Microsoft 365 backup for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Groups, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. Fully managed from our Control Panel, no software to install.


NAS & Network Drives

Back up files and folders from network locations, including UNC paths and NAS devices, with no limitations on file size or type.


Database Backup

Create live backups of Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB with zero-downtime.

Hybrid Storage Options

Our software supports backing up directly to one or multiple destinations, including eazyBackup cloud storage and local on-premises locations:

  • eazyBackup Cloud
  • NAS
  • USB / Local Drive
Group 20@2x

Remote Backup Management

Our intuitive dashboard provides comprehensive remote management capabilities, empowering you to take full control of your backup operations.

  • Create and Manage Backup Jobs
  • Manage Backup Schedules
  • Manually Start/Stop Backup Jobs
  • Review Backup Activity History
  • Restore Backups to Connected Devices
  • Perform Test Restores
  • Monitor Device Health and Status
  • Configure Alerts and Notifications
Real-time Dashboard

Central Monitoring

Work from a single pane of glass monitoring the live status of all your backups at a glance.


  • View real-time backup activity
  • All backup job history for the previous 24 months
  • Monitor usage statistics

Elevate Your Data Protection with eazyBackup

Do you have 25+ users in your team? Request a Quote

File and Folder Protection

eazyBackup Workstation

Suitable for home users and small to medimum businesses requiring protection of files, folders and complete system backup

$ 12.95 / month

Controlled Goods Program, PIPEDA & HIPAA compliant data storage

Includes 1TB Canadian cloud storage

More Details

Comprehensive Data Protection

eazyBackup Server

Perfect for corporations and data center administrators seeking comprehensive backup services and top-tier support

$ 20.75 / month

Controlled Goods Program, PIPEDA & HIPAA compliant data storage

Includes 1TB Canadian cloud storage

More Details

Enterprise Cloud to Cloud Backup

Microsoft 365

Protect your critical data with a cloud to cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365  Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Groups, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

$ 2.45 / month per user, no minimum

Controlled Goods Program, PIPEDA & HIPAA compliant data storage

Protect an unlimted number of Microsoft 365 users

Pay-as-you-Go cloud storage, $10.75/TB

Early Access Introductory Offer

Management Console for MSPs

Commercialize and white-label eazyBackup for your clients. Take advantage of premium features, including full white-label customization, all managed effortlessly from a single, centralized management console.

$ 0.00 / month

Enterprise level control over your backups

White-label software and centralized management console

Sign up for the management console during our promotional period and enjoy free access.

Subscription Addons


Additional Devices

$3.5 per device using Workstation plan
$5.95 per device using Server plan


Additional Data

$10.75 per TB

Workstation and Server plan include 1TB data, additional pay-as-you-go data billed per TB. Volume and reserve capacity dicounts available. Connect with us and request a quote for details.


Disk Image Backup

$3.95 per device

Protect entire disks and partitions on Windows for full bare metal system recovery. Restore your system to physical, VM or the cloud.


Microsoft Hyper-V

Protect your Hyper-V infrastructure

$4.75 per Hyper-V guest VM per month (CAD)
$45.95 for unlimited Hyper-V guest VMs per host per month (CAD)

For customers backing up 10 or more Hyper-V guests on a single Hyper-V host, the unlimited price of $45.95 per month (CAD) will be charged automatically.



Install eazyBackup within the network and connect directly to vCenter or ESXi

$7 per VMware guest VM per month (in CAD)
$56 for unlimited VMware guest VMs per month (in CAD)

For customers backing up 8 or more VMware guests, the unlimited price of $56 per month (in CAD) will be charged automatically.



$2 per device

Securely protect files, folders and settings for Synology DSM 6 and 7. The SPKs easily integrate with the Synology package center providing: Incremental backups, Custom scheduling, Point in time restoration.


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MSPs: We Offer White Label Versions of eazyBackup

We provide private servers, as well as white label and private label versions of our software, allowing you to brand our robust solutions as your own. Benefit from comprehensive remote management and monitoring capabilities, ensuring you can efficiently manage and safeguard your clients' data.