New release available – 22.3.5

New release 22.3.5 is available for download now -

Connected, eligible devices will automatically update to this release. In some cases an automated update may not possible, and a manual update will be required. If your device is reporting a version less than 22.3.5 after 05/15/22, you will need perform a manual update. The software version for each device is reported on the devices view of the Dashboard.


  • Feature: Hourly schedule configuration could be run on specific days and within a specified time
  • Feature: Individual paths for Files and Folders Protected Items can now be edited in the desktop app
  • Feature: Add option to create ISO file as the recovery media in the desktop app,
  • Feature: Support to restore single file and folder from VMDK snapshot as archive (zip, tar, tar.gz, and sqfs) and download only. Disk Image snapshots can now restore individual files as a compressed archive.
  • Feature: Add the new schedule option "If last job was Missed" to allow a backup job to run as soon as the client is reconnected when there are missed jobs
  • Feature: Support to restore single files and folders from Disk Image backup on both desktop app and web control panel interface (current only support for NTFS)
  • Feature: Allow configuring how often a retention pass runs after a backup job
  • Feature: Support to restore single file and folder from VMDK snapshot as archive (zip, tar, tar.gz, and sqfs) and download only
  • Fix an issue with email reporting table allowing duplicate email entries
  • Fix an issue with Office 365 where the app could crash due to incorrect parsing of error response
  • Fix an issue with Office 365 when OneDrive files or folders are restored to filesystem
  • Fix an issue with 'Once Only' schedule type which displays 'Invalid Date' when default values are kept
  • Fix an issue with tab order of the Schedule editor dialog in the Desktop client which now runs from top to bottom, left to right
  • Fix an issue with inaccurate subprocess exit codes returned from the backup.elevator service
  • Fix an issue with Utimesnano warnings when restoring the timestamp of the /Users directory on macOS
  • Fix an issue with the cancel button on macOS not working due to a missing tmp file
  • Fix an issue with excess warnings from appearing in the job log for File and Folder Protected Items which use multiple Include patterns that match the same file/folder
  • Fix an issue with B2 Storage Vaults causing jobs to hang indefinitely if configured with invalid credentials