New release available – 21.11.0

New release 21.11.0 is available for download now -

Connected, eligible devices will automatically update to this release. In some cases an automated update may not possible, and a manual update will be required. If your device is reporting a version less than 21.11.0 after 12/03/21, you will need perform a manual update. The software version for each device is reported on the devices view in the Dashboard.

Changelog compared to 21.8.0

- Feature: Support Office 365 Backup
- Feature: Support running backup jobs and retention passes simultaneously
- Feature: Add timezone to each device, schedules will now honour the device specific timezone instead of the User Profile timezone
- Feature: Add three new retention rules. "Last [...] backups, at most once per day", "Last [...] backups, at most once per week", "Last [...] backups, at most once per month"
- Feature: Support restore Disk Image snapshot to physical device in the Control Panel web interface
- Feature: Support custom SSL settings for MySQL Protected Items
- Feature: Support the granular Office 365 service backup
- Feature: Allow previewing an Office 365 email from the Control Panel web interface, by double-clicking it in the restore dialog
- Feature: New and improved user interface for the Office 365 Protected Item
- Enhancement: Allow usernames shorter than six characters
- Enhancement: Improve speed of fallback operations for Office 365 backup jobs
- Enhancement: Display a description of a Storage Vault default Retention Policy on hover in the Protected Items settings editor in the desktop app and the Control Panel web interface
- Enhancement: Improve performance of restoring multiple files within the same directory
- Enhancement: Improve performance of loading items in the Office 365 child dialogs
- Enhancement: Improve performance of Office 365 SharePoint site / OneDrive backup
- Enhancement: Improve the performance of opening the "Add Protected Item" dialog
- Enhancement: Office 365 Backup performance in full and delta backup mode has been improved
- Enhancement: Minor performance improvement for the "Use temporary files instead of disk" option
- Enhancement: Add more detailed message for Office 365 graph API error
- Enhancement: Improve translations for German on/off text
- Fix an issue with the mysqldump binary not being found on some non-windows platforms
- Fix an issue with Office 365 Restore to original account in a new folder
- Fix an issue with restoring mail to an Office 365 Account when the account is in a French, German or Portugese language localization