New release available – 23.2.0

New version of the desktop app 23.2.0 is available for download now. https://eazybackup.com/download/

Connected, eligible devices will automatically update to this release on March 3rd 2023. In some cases, an automated update may not possible, and a manual update will be required. You can check the software version of each device using the Dashboard page in the client area.

Release note compared to previous quarterly rollup 22.6.0


-Adding support to browse and restore files/folders from Hyper-V backups

-New design for the dashboard screen in the desktop app

-Two new custom email report templates: Recent Activity Report and Group Status Report

-Cosmetic redesign the New Storage Vault dialog in the desktop app to use a wizard

-Added the ability to duplicate Protected Items in the desktop app

-Add a random job delay option for backup job schedules to spread out multiple jobs starting at the same time.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

-Remove support for running the backup client on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and macOS 10.10 "Yosemite". The new minimum version is Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and macOS 10.11 "El Capitan"
-Allow deletion of custom snapshot selection from the client.
-Added validation to the Protected Item dialog in the desktop app, to stop empty Protected Items from being created
-Minor improvements to performance and memory usage
-Improve performance of compressing and decompressing data
-The desktop app no longer prompts for which Protected Item to backup when running first backup for a newly-added Protected Item
-Improve performance of Disk Image backup on drives with large amounts of free space sectors
-If there is no Protected Item when opening the desktop app, automatically open up the new Protected Item dialog

-Fix an issue with 'Next' runtime showing incorrect estimate for Weekly schedules
-Fix an issue with schedule times off by one hour on Windows
-Fix an issue with multiple backup jobs being spawned by schedules with the "If the last job was Missed" option enabled even when the "Skip if already running" option was also enabled
-Fix an issue with losing changes when the back (<) button is clicked after editing a Protected Item in the desktop app
-Fix an issue with Office 365 where a message folder could potentially be resynced every time backup is run. This might increase incremental backup time
-Fix an issue with "Allocation error: not enough memory" errors affecting backup jobs
-Fix an issue with not measuring Storage Vault size for an Office 365 backup job
-Fix a cosmetic issue with "CONTROL INFO" text appearing in some Office 365 backup job reports
-Fix an issue with BitDefender closing the desktop application installer
-Fix an issue with restore dialog where protected item data column could not be resized if necessary
-Fix an issue with the backup-tool crashing during a single file restore from a Windows Disk Image snapshot.
-Fix a cosmetic issue with ambiguous error messages when desktop app fails to browse physical disks on the local PC
-Fix an issue with Disk Image backups seeking past the end of the partition
-Fix an issue with temporary installation binaries left over in install directory on Windows
-Fix an issue with listing SharePoint sites

New release available – 22.6.0

New release 22.6.0 is available for download now 22.6.0 brings several important bug fixes for customers performing MS365 backups. This update will not be distributed automatically, if you are waiting for an update to resolve on of the issues below, a manual update will be required. https://eazybackup.com/download/.

In addition, we have rolled out a number of enhancements and bug fixes for the backup dashboard today.


Enhancement: Job logs server update to support server side encryption of jobs database
Fix an issue with Office 365 where SharePoint backup crashed due to an unexpected metadata error
Fix an issue with Office 365 error where the desktop app fails to parse response of a successful request
Fix an issue with restore search in the desktop app staying disabled if no snapshots were selected for search
Fix an issue with logging in to the web interface when using an ambiguous username, and 2factor enabled for the account.
Fix an issue where editing an existing Hourly schedule in Firefox opened the editor to a Daily schedule instead
Fix an issue with hourly schedule using incorrect minute offset
New support for armada370, armada375, armadaxp, armada38x, comcerto2k, and monaco architectures in the Synology SPK installer

Dashboard updates:

Enhancement: Significant performance improvements on all screens
Enhancement: Frequency of dashboard updates increased to 15-20 seconds
Enhancement: "Sync" button has been added to the dashboard home page. The sync will force an update of all accounts, devices, backups, etc on your dashboard.
Enhancement: Backup activity "dots" on the dashboard are updated to represent each individual backup job vs. one dot per day.
Enhancement: Hover on activity dot to reveal popup with basic job details
Enhancement: Increased frequency of updates to running backup jobs (15-20seconds)
Enhancement: Added data transfer statistics to running backup jobs - data transfer stats will update every 15-20seconds
Fix an issue where deleted accounts would still be visible on the customer dashboard
Fix an issue where revoking a device would cause dashboard to become unresponsive