Restoring Data

You can restore files from any Storage location as follows:

  1. Click the "Restore" button in the left-hand menu bar
  2. Select the Storage Vault containing the backed-up data and click "Next"Backup Restore Menu
  3. Select the Protected Item that you want to restore and click "Next"Restore - select protected item
    • (Optional) Click the Caret to Unfold the Protected Item, this will allow you to pick from a history of available backups.
  4. Select which files to restore and click "Next"
    Restore - select files

    • (Optional) By default, all files are restored. You can use the "Choose files" radio option to select individual files or folders to restore.
  5. Select the destination path to restore to and click "Next"Restore- choose path

The restore job will start within the main window interface.