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URLs y puertos necesarios para eazyBackup

This reference article lists every endpoints used by eazyBackup and OBC. If your organization restricts computers on your network from connecting to the Internet, this article lists the Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) and ports that you should include in your 'outbound allow lists' to ensure your computers can successfully use the eazyBackup and OBC services.

Para utilizar eazyBackup, los siguientes puntos finales deben ser accesibles para los ordenadores cliente

https://csw.eazybackup.com Puerto de destino: 443
https://ca-central-1.eazybackup.com Puerto de destino: 443

Para utilizar el OBC, los ordenadores cliente deben tener acceso a los siguientes puntos finales

https://csw.onlinebackupcanada.ca Puerto de destino: 443
https://ca-central.onlinebackupcanada.ca Puerto de destino: 443